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Our participants are executives and leaders of change from the corporate world, the public sector, and civil society. The program´s participants are pioneers striving for new careers, business, and social impact pathways in society.

Currently active in Venice, Italy the mission of Venezia Autentica is to increase the retention of tourism revenue in the destination by empowering both travelers and local businesses.

Valeria Duflot


Venezia Autentica

Silvia cumulated professional experience around the issues of Youth, Peace and Social Finance. She is now catalyising innovation at Bottega Terzo Settore, a brand-new impact hub.

Silvia Silvozzi


Bottega Terzo Settore - Fondazione Carisap

The founder of "home ground" - an Israeli registered charity based in Tel Aviv, Israel which offer a completely unique and innovative way of supporting homeless people through the game of soccer.

Ori Shoham

Program Coordinator atidim


In 2012, Obayda founded Sanad Youth Association, which aims to improve the well-being of Palestinian youth living in the Triangle Region.

Obayda Abo Asbeh


Sanad Yoth Association

Nikolay is the co-founder & CEO of CastFolio. Since 1998, he has been working as an animator, producer and visualization expert of advertising, architectural, TV, film and web projects.

Nikolay Mihaylov

CEO & co-founder of CastFolio

Michal is Director Employment and Economic Program in the village of Jisr al-Zarqa. She gave birth to the Zarqa Gallery, a work and creative space for the women of the community.

Michal Sadeh

Director Employment and Economic Program in the village of Jisr al-Zarqa

Melek is the Founder of the Turkish Women’s International Network, a global sisterhood network for change, and BinYaprak, a digital sisterhood circle for women of Turkey to empower each other.

Melek Pulatkonak


TurkishWIN & BinYaprak

Katja has been working for 17 years at Deloitte as a consultant, in 2018 she started a social business with the idea of building bridges between Europe and Middle Eastern countries.

Katja Teuchmann


Safa East Venture e.U.

Josep is a ‘societal’ innovator and policy maker more than anything else. He is used to working with practitioners, business, and NGO staff, in a non-profit/for profit environment, both as a facilitator and manager.

Josep Miro

Social Innovation Consultant


Guy is CEO of Midot, an NPO working to promote effectiveness and impact among government, social investors and NPOs.

Guy Beigel



Gil is currently a business consultant to the company in the area of information security, as well as an investor in real estate.

Gil Tsabari

CEO GTS - Technologies Ltd

Giannis is a social entrepreneurship development officer at Athens Development and Destination Management Agency.

Giannis Vikas

Social Entrepreneurship Development Officer

Athens Development & Destination Management Agency

Eman is currently working in Nazareth Municipality as Advisor of the general director for economic development.

Eman Bsoul

Assistant General Director Municipality of Nazareth

Elik is the Vice President social programs of Dualis fund for social investments which work with social business that employs underprivileged populations.

Elik Almog

Vice President

Dualis social investment fund

Dan founded the Anou Cooperative, an artisan managed and owned online platform that enables artisans to sell their work independently, regardless of literacy, and enables them to shape the future of craft in Morocco.

Dan Driscoll


The Anou Cooperative

Aziza is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of Omnis Institute, an independent organisation dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalised and underrepresented local social leaders, particularly youth, women and minorities.

Aziza Khabbush

Founder & Executive Director

Omnis Institute

Artur Nadcrinicinii is a freelance consultant with over 15 years professional experience in international cooperation and development.

Artur Nadcrinicinii

Founder Artos kai Agapi

Adnane is an Ashoka Fellow who has committed his life to work in the MENA region, particularly Morocco, enabling creative thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation for the common good.

Adnane Addioui

Ashoka Fellow


Abbass is the founder and director of Al-Manarah (Lighthouse) Association, established in 2005 to improve the lives and status of Arab persons with disabilities in Israel.

Abbass Abbass

Ashoka Fellow


Since 2014 Tomas became Managing Director of the Karel Janecek Foundation. They have 3 main programs - Education, Social innovations and Kindness.

Tomas Reminek

Managing Director

Raluca is working as a Sustainability Specialist in Enel Romania, a multi-national power company and a leading integrated player in the world’s power and gas markets, with the aim of tackling business issues, creating value both for the company and its stakeholders.

Raluca Cocuz

Sustainability Specialist

Enel Romania

Andreja has more than 14 years of experience in social finance & social enterprise in Europe, Western Balkans, Eastern Neighbourhood. She is founder of the craft for intellectual services providing mentoring, coaching, consulting and trainings.

Andreja Rosandic


Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences University of Zagreb

Andrea has exhaustive consulting experience, besides she was part of the Corporate Citizenship Core team Vienna for multiple years and took over the lead role in Austria about 6 months ago.

Andrea Kretschmer


Masha has 15 years of experience in philanthropy and capacity building in democratization and development. At Open Society Initiative for Europe she leads grant support to development of policy research and think tanks in the Western Balkans

Masha Djordjevic

Program Manager

Open Society Foundations

Radek transforms the current unfair ecosystem of debt, spur close cooperation among key actors and bring a million of over-indebted and excluded Czech citizens back to society.

Radek Habl

Ashoka Fellow


Alexandra has been working in the financing sector in Germany and Austria. She experienced a reat variety of positions, in banking, ranging from international syndicated loans, structured finance& funding and capital markets.

Alexandra Nitzlader

Senior Project Manager

HYPO NOE Gruppe Bank

Stefanie´s vocation lies in maintaining and nurturing institutional networks, in building bridges and connecting people and organizations from diverging sectors.

Stefanie Kirwald

Consultant Alumnae*i Network

With Developing Neighborhood Institute, Michael solves the problem of dissatisfaction with the basic needs of low-income people who experience difficult life situations.

Mikhail Kryukov

Project Lead

Stefanie has been working in the Legal Department of the OPEC Fund for International Development for the past five years. As an executive assistant she is managing the in- and outgoing workflow and communication of the department.

Stefanie Kotrba

Executive Assistant

Milica is a Head of Communications/CSR at Western Union International Bank.

Milica Akzentic

Head of Communications and CSR

Western Union International Bank

Nicole has more than 20 years experience in the international nonprofit and social development sector with SOS Children’s Villages International. Focus: Africa, the Middle East and Gulf, Europe and Eastern Europe.

Nicole Nassar

Project Management

SOS Children’s Villages International

Mariella Gebhardt



Since 2018, Anna has been concentrating on the internal organization and process orientation regarding legal, financial and personnel related topics at ASHOKA in Central and Eastern Europe

Anna Schaden

Operations & Integration Manager

Ashoka CEE

Linda has been involved for more than 15 years in adult education, leadership and diversity. In 2018, she founded her own company Diversio with the aim to support women in expert functions and to connect business and academia.

Linda Štucbartová



Ksenia is a coach, trainer in the field of social projects’ management, social innovations, leadership, manager of local and international social initiatives. Her main project is Laboratory of social initiatives / Social Lab “City for life”.

Kseniia Stepanenko


He is member of the Ashoka Support Network and runs the family-owned company Magovox whose purpose is to support local initiatives in the fields of education, psychology and democracy.

Krzysztof Rutkowski


Jeremy is the executive director of Transitions (TOL), one of Central and Eastern Europe's leading media development organizations, and editor in chief of TOL's flagship publication,Transitions Online.

Jeremy Druker

Ashoka Fellow


The object of the organisation “Landschaftspflegeverein Thermenlinie – Wienerwald – Wiener Becken” is to protect and maintain about 500 hectares of valuable & threatened habitats by accessing and involving local people in nature-conservation.

Irene Drodzowski


Blühendes Österreich

Since 2018, Gabriela has been aiming at building up strategic community partnerships among social entrepreneurs and business at Ashoka Czech Republic.

Gabriela Vondrusova

Change Manager and Community Mobilizer

Ashoka Czech Republic

Florin is catalyzing a citizen-driven movement for the creation of a functional system for protected areas in Romania.

Florin Stoican

Ashoka Fellow

Buila Vânturarița National Park and Vacaresti Natural Park

Florian manages Ashoka's community of Fellows based, or active, in the UK. He leads on events in the UK and organises a European wide event in Germany for young social entrepreneurs. Passion: system change and impact measurement.

Florian Rutsch

Fellowship Manager

Ashoka UK

With her organisation, dahir, Dagmar is developing a new standard for the field of property management and low-income tenants, putting the tenant’s needs at the centre and empowering them as co-creators.

Dagmar Kotzmuth

Co-Founder & CEO


Claudia has been managing the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft since 2001. She implemented a reform and a new strategy process for the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and is responsible for its strategic direction.

Claudia Lingner

Managing Director

Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft

Clarissa is Co-Leader of the EU-funded ERASMUS+-project “Society in motion” with colleagues from Norway (Bergen School of Architecture) and Austria (University of Applied Arts).

Clarissa Rhomberg


Society in motion

Barbara works as Regional Manager for the Institute for Inclusive Education in Kiel, Germany. The Institute developed the first qualification for people with intellectual disabilities which enables them to work at universities.

Barbara Mayrhofer

Regional Manager

Institute for Inclusive Education

Hannes Brandl has many years of experience working as a manager, advisor, coach and trainer. His main focus is on strategies, organizations, projects, teams, values, processes and IT.

Hannes Brandl

CEO and founder of URPrior GmBH