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Faculty & speakers

Faculty & Guest Speakers

The faculty body consists of distinguished experts from leading academic institutions, succesful social entrepreneurs, and professionals from private, not-for-profit-, public and financial-sectors.

Ole, Founder of Cycling Without Age, is a changemaker and a social entrepreneur who believes in challenging conventional thinking and in inspiring people and organizations to create a better world through focus on purpose, happiness and kindness.

Ole Kassow

Founder of Cycling Without Age

Nassir has over 10 years of entrepreneurship, social enterprise and private sector development experience in East Africa. As the Venture Manager for Ashoka in East Africa, he spent eight years developing and supporting East Africa’s largest network of leading social entrepreneurs to refine and scale their models for systemic transformation of sectors including agriculture, health, education and human rights among others.

Nassir Katuramu

In 2013, Manuela became the global lead of Boehringer Ingelheim’s initiative Making More Health (MMH), a long-term initiative launched by Boehringer Ingelheim in partnership with Ashoka. This initiative aims to improve health around the world by supporting social entrepreneurs and change-making ideas that creates win – win situations while linking the social to the business world.

Manuela Pastore

Joseph is a practicing professional social entrepreneur who has spearheaded empowerment of over 1.5 million Uganda smallholder coffee farmers in 200 cooperatives and associations using his innovation of the farmer ownership model that has improved household income by 250%. This model earned Joseph the Ashoka Fellow in 2013.

Joseph Nkandu

Nneka is co-founder and CEO of mDoc, a digital health enterprise which integrates proven methodologies in quality improvement, data and behavioral science with technology to support people in Africa to manage their chronic health needs.

Nneka Mobisson

Co-founder and CEO of mDoc

Florian leads on systems change partnerships, research, and training in the UK and he co-designed Ashoka's European Fellowship program where he co-leads the systems change, new leadership and wellbeing modules. His work in recent years has increasingly focused on the ecosystem for social entrepreneurs – in particular on funding for their systems changing work.

Florian Rutsch

Giulia has been part of Ashoka since the beginning of 2016, dealing with Program Management for Ashoka Italy and collaborating with the international Ashoka Globalizer program. In addition to working for Ashoka, Giulia is an active member of the Free Antimafia Association and leads numerous projects in the fight against organized crime.

Giulia Sergi

Simon started ColaLife with his wife Jane in 2008 to address the deeply entrenched problem of childhood diarrhoea in sub-Saharan Africa by establishing a new, user-led, private sector supply chain.

Simon Berry

Founder of ColaLife

A former public defender, Karen Tse developed an interest in the intersection of criminal law and human rights after observing Southeast Asian refugees held in a local prison without trial, often tortured to obtain "confessions."

Karen Tse

Founder of International Bridges to Justice

Paweł has been running the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland since August 1998 and he has been actively involved with the third (non-governmental) sector for more than 20 years.

Pawel Lukasiak

Ashoka Fellow Poland, Academy for Development of Philanthropy in Poland

Katarzyna's organization runs litigations against the most powerful people to disclose political decisions to citizens.

Katarzyna Batko-Toluc

Ashoka Fellow Poland, Association of Leaders of local civic groups

As serial entrepreneur, Alon has founded, co-founded or invested in over 25 businesses across 16 countries to date.

Alon Shklarek

Serial Entrepreneur, Faculty member for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Guest Professor

Mónica supports enterprises and social businesses transform into purpose-driven, people-centered and adaptive organizations to improve their triple bottom impact.

Mónica Expositor Blasco

Laura is an energetic social intrepreneur born and raised in Romania, where she led various youth empowerment projects. She studied Sociology in Romania and Sweden and pursued a Master’s program in Italy in Social Enterprise Management.

Laura Catana

Sascha founded Citymart with the goal of transforming the way cities procure solutions to deliver better services.

Sascha Haselmayer

Founder of Citimart

Stephan throughout his career was and is dedicated as a leader of teams to building and helping to improve businesses and networks, which are aimed to have a positive impact.

Stephan Dertnig

With Ashoka Austria/CEE, Loic focuses mainly on developing the Impact Transfer Agency, that supports the transfer of proven social innovations into new geographies.

Loic Van Cutsem

Impact Transfer Director

She managed the organization Specialisterne Austria (founded by Ashoka Fellow Thorkil Sonne). She is a trained actress having studied theatre and acting, German and Romance Philology in Vienna and Milan.

Elisabeth Krön

Actress, Trainer

Georg is Country Director of Ashoka Austria. Before Ashoka, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to create an organization for the development of socio-economic projects in Mexico, to develop a program of study for social entrepreneurs in Austria and to found a consulting firm specializing in environment and development.

Georg Schön

Country Director of Ashoka Austria

Amir is a serial entrepreneur, active in the social and business arena since 1998. His proven track record of leading transformative initiatives, from inception to an impactful execution, led him to his current position as the head of Ashoka Israel.

Amir Nathan

Director Ashoka Israel

Iman is the Vice President of Ashoka Global and the Regional Director of Ashoka Arab World. She is a visionary for social entrepreneurship and a pioneer of women-led and gender-focused development initiatives for over 30 years.

Iman Bibars

Director Ashoka Arab World

Head of Analysis & Research and member of the executive board of PHINEO, Berlin. He is responsible for PHINEO’s impact measurement activities as well as consulting NGOs, foundations, and private philanthropic donors/high net worth individuals. Philipp holds a PhD in Political Science.

Philipp Hölscher

Impact Investor and Social Entrepreneur with a long-standing career and background in the banking and strategic consulting business. He is the co-founder and managing director of Good Roots and Germany's Country Representative at European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).

Martin Vogelsang

Sarah is now responsible for all social impact planning, monitoring and analysis processes at buddY E.V./Education Y. Her work is vital for the organization, as it decided on a significant change of strategy towards a strong focus on social impact.

Sarah Ulrich

Reem Rahman works at Ashoka Changemakers as a Product and Knowledge Manager to help anyone with an idea for social change succeed in making a difference.

Reem Rahman

Product and Knowledge Manager

Ashoka Changemakers

Maggie Lemere is an independent filmmaker, oral historian, storytelling strategist and a leader of Storytelling for Changemakers with Ashoka.

Maggie Lemere

Co-founder of

Rhiza Collective

Markus Freiburg is Co-Founder of FASE, a financing agency for Social Entrepreneurs, was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, and provided pro-bono consulting for a number of social entrepreneurs.

Markus Freiburg

Founder & Managing Director


Stephanie Schmidt develops major partnerships with foundations, corporations, and academic institutions to spread the impact of social innovations.

Stephanie Schmidt

Program Director for Ashoka in Europe

Oliver Triebl was an Expert Partner at management consultants McKinsey & Company and is an expert in the area of change management and leadership development consulting.

Oliver Triebel



With SYNCON Waltraud Martius is an independent franchise consultant and her book Fairplay Franchising is the standard reference text in the field.

Waltraud Martius

SYNCON Strategy Expert and Honorary President of the ÖFV

Felix Oldenburg is an expert at the interfaces of the social, business and political sectors, and has launched national and international programs at Ashoka that accelerate the spread of social innovations.

Felix Oldenburg

General secretary Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen

Rizwan Tayabali has worked on the ground in 23 countries, advised more than 100 social enterprises and 34 Ashoka Fellows around the world, and is an experienced Globalizer mentor.

Rizwan Tayabali

CEO of Make A Difference Creator of the PATRI Framework for Scaling Social Impact

PATRI Framework

Andreas Heinecke founded the widely successful exhibition and franchise 'Dialogue in the Dark.' He is an Ashoka Fellow and Professor for Social Business at the EBS Business School.

Andreas Heinecke

Founder & CEO Dialogue Social Enterprise

Dialogue Social Enterprise

Mark Cheng is founder of social venture investment and advisory firm Chelwood Capital and Director of Ashoka UK and Ashoka Europe.

Mark Cheng

Director at Ashoka Europe

Filippo Addarii is the Director of International Strategy and Head of EuropeLab at The Young Foundation (UK), and senior research associate at the Global Climate Forum, a research center for sustainable development.

Filippo Addarii

Director of International Strategy

The Young Foundation

Kerstin Humberg is the founder of a mission-driven start-up in Berlin and was a core member of McKinsey’s ‘Sustainability & Resource Productivity Practice’.

Kerstin Humberg

Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

Ryszard is the former founding director of Ashoka Poland, currently a consultant for Ashoka and a researcher emeritus at the University of Warsaw; also a Professor at the International Institute for Social & European Studies (ISES) based in Hungary and a lecturer at the Academy of the Psychology of Leadership.

Ryszard Praszkier

University of Warsaw, Coordinator EFESEIIS Poland

Bénédictehas the HEC Chair in Social Business and is director of the HEC Paris Master of Science in Sustainable Development.Her research focuses on "reverse innovation" processes.

Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot

Co-Founder and Director, HEC Social Business Chair

Bart has become an Ashoka Fellow in 2006 with his life-saving project APOPO, which trains African giant pounched rats to detect land mines. Recently APOPO has begun training rats to sniff out tuberculosis in human sputum samples.

Bart Weetjens

Ashoka Fellow, Founder of


In his role at Ashoka Europe, Adam develops and implements our vision of a world in which everyone can be a Changemaker. The title of his upcoming book says it all: "Small is powerful: why the era of big business, big government and big culture is over.

Adam Lent

Director for Research and Innovation at Ashoka Europe

With 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Antonella brings an inspired energy and sophisticated approach to her support for various platforms for social entrepreneurs.

Antonella Broglia

Consultant for Ashoka Spain, Senior Ambassador of TEDx Europe

Professor Helga Kromp-Kolb is head of the Centre for Global Change and
Sustainability at BOKU University in Vienna. She is one of Austria´s leading
experts in meteorology and climatology.

Helga Kromp-Kolb

Professor at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Prof. Dr. Barbara Scheck is Assistant Professor for Social Investment at the University of Hamburg.

Barbara Scheck

Assistant Professor at University of Hamburg

Emma's experience is in research methodology and data analysis. Sinzer enables her to combine these with doing good by measuring impact for social enterprises and NPO's.

Emma Verheijke



Dr. Frank Hoffmann is gynaelocologist and founder of the social business discovering hands. It uses the enhanced tactile senses of visually impaired people to early diagnose breast cancer.

Frank Hoffmann

Ashoka Fellow, Founder of

discovering hands

Liz Hamburg is the President & CEO of the Taproot Foundation, a nonprofit connecting nonprofits and social change organizations with skilled volunteers through pro bono service. Liz has over 20 years of experience starting up and growing innovative businesses.

Liz Hamburg

CEO of the

Taproot Foundation

Josef Waltl is a retired Executive Vice-President of Royal Dutch Shell Plc., UK. During his 32 years with the company he had an extensive international carrier. Since 2009 he is lecturing at Wirtschaftsuniversität, Vienna and has been recognized for his teaching with the CEMS Course of the Year Award 2013.

Josef Waltl

Carola von Painen was for 9 years employed by the personal procurement firm
Randstad. 2012 she founded the recruitment agency Talents4Good, that focuses on personnel consulting for social, ecological and sustainable enterprises.

Carola von Peinen

Co-founder & CEO


In 1996, Arnoud developed his first prototype of the mobile school as a thesis topic. He worked briefly in the private sector, while in his free time continuing to work on improving the mobile school. In 2002 the organisation Mobile School was founded in the form of a NPO.

Arnoud Raskin

Ashoka Fellow and Founder of

Mobile School

Ana Bella leads the survivor movement network in Spain. By offering peer-to-peer support based on portraying positive testimonies of survivors, Ana Bella is enabling abused women to empower themselves as social changemakers.

Ana Bella Estevez

Ashoka Fellow & Founder of

Fundación Ana Bella

Philippe Greier is co-founder and board member of presente! a global think & do tank for education and social innovation. His specialities are Game Theory Thinking and Systemic Transformationing.

Philippe Greier



He is the Founder of 'New Paradigm Ventures', serves as an Advisor on Impact Ventures & Investment to the WWF, as a Director for impact investment firm Angello Capital Ltd, and on the Board of Heifer International. He co-founded the Investment Ready Program, and the CEE Impact Day,

Nikolaus Hutter

He is a co-founder of With his platform he strives to strengthen democratic structures by incorporating citizens into political processes, as well as introducing political transparency. He is also part of the Young Global Leader Network of the Schwab foundation.

Gregor Hackmack

Ashoka Fellow

Attila v. Unruh is founder of TEAM U – the first German social enterprise to support small companies & self-employed in crisis. TEAM U has helped more than 16.000 entrepreneurs with their successful restart and scaling process. Attila is a certified business consultant, debt counsellor & systemic business coach. ©Christian Klant

Attila von Unruh

Ashoka Fellow

Together with Walburga Fröhlich, he founded the social business atempo and is an Ashoka Fellow. He is the co-managing director and co-franchise manager. Klaus Candussi studied musicology and social management and used to work as a journalist, as well as a directing manager in the disability sector.

Klaus Candussi

Ashoka Fellow

She managed the family education in Norderstedt and Hamburg-Niendorf for over 20 years. During this time period, many innovative ideas for the support of families lead to the construction of wellcome.

Rose Volz-Schmidt

Ashoka Fellow

He has had a lot of experience as a sales manager and managing director. In 2010 he co-founded Career Moves and in 2015, he co-founded DisAbility Performance Social Enterprise GmbH.

Career Moves’ goal is to create societal equality through new instruments in the labor market.

Wolfgang Kowatsch

Michael Vollmann used to be the Venture and Fellowship Representative for Ashoka Germany and the co-director of the Ashoka Globalizer Program. Additionally, he leads the CIDG. He is the co-founder of the Good Hood GmbH (, a free, local platform for exchange between neighbors.

Michael Vollmann

In areas where independent media remains fragile, Jeremy’s organization, Transitions (TOL), seeds the field with professional journalists who are trained to uphold only the highest core professional journalism standards in some of the most difficult contexts.

Jeremy Druker

Ashoka Fellow

Tobias Leipprand is the CEO and Founder of the LEAD Academy, as well as being a change consultant, a digital expert and a public speaker. He is a serial social entrepreneur passionate about finding new ways to lead in the digital age.

Tobias Leipprand

Hermann Arnold is an Ashoka Support Network Member. He is the Co-founder, Chairman and Encourager at Haufe-umantis AG. He is on a constant search for visionary people and companies, challenges and world improvers.

Hermann Arnold

Kate Effland is the Director, Strategic Partnerships at the Taproot Foundation. In this role, Kate is responsible for the development of creative partnerships that support fundraising, program/strategy development, and external positioning for Taproot to stakeholders.

Kate Effland

Gerry Foitik is the Austrian Red Cross’ general secretary in the areas of: deployment, innovation and participation. Together with the Austrian radio station Hitradio Ö3, the Austrian Red Cross founded the “Team Österreich”

Gerry Foitik

Stefan Faatz-Ferstl is a partner of dwarfs and Giants, an innovative organization-design and strategy partner for the 21st century that follows the purpose to rewrite the future of organizations.

Stefan Faatz-Ferstl

Steffen supports enterprises and social business in their organizational design and agile transformation. He is an ASN member, a co-founder of Impact Transfer by Ashoka, and now works as evolutionary catalyst with dwarfs & Giants.

Steffen Frischat

Bernhard Hofer is the managing director and founder of is an educational project of Bernhard’s social business talentify GmbH. It is their goal to establish a sustainable peer-to-peer online platform, helping youths to unfold their full potential

Bernhard Hofer

Ashoka Fellow

Ross is currently directing Ashoka’s education strategy for triggering a fundamental change in the experience of education so that every young person is empowered to make a better world.

Ross Hall


Pavel is a global thinker, change catalyst, and facilitator working with systemic social innovations in education, business, social entrepreneurship, culture, and urban development. He is the founder and CEO of Global Education Futures

Pavel Luksha

Joshua is the author Prototyping Our Future: Social Labs For A Sustainable, Regenerative & Thriving Future. Joshua is the founder of Evolution Lab, a consultancy offering experiential and experimental prototyping and systemic innovation processes.

Joshua Cubista

Jos is an Ashoka Fellow and founder of Buurtzorg, offering community based (home) care services to more than 60.000 patients a year. Buurtzorg has transformed home-based health care and it has created an innovative method for nursing care at home.

Jos de Blok

Ashoka Fellow

Odin leads Advisory at Ashoka Globalizer, an accelerator program that develops impact strategies with advanced social entrepreneurs from around the world that aim at social system change.

Odin Mühlenbein

Ashoka Globalizer

Daniel is the vice-president of the independent Viennese Academy of Consciousness Research, forthcoming editor of a book on perspectives on consciousness and research associate of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of System Science.

Daniel Dick

David Bornstein is a Canadian journalist, specialized on the topic of social innovation. He is the co-founder of the “Solutions Journalism Network” that strives to spread the methods and praxis of solutions journalism - a rigorous, fact-based reporting method, which focuses on answers to social problems.

David Bornstein

Ashoka Fellow

Emmanuel de Lutzel became a social intrapreneur in 2006, initiating at BNP Paribas the microfinance and later the social finance activities, which supports 40 microfinance institutions in the world and 400 social businesses in Europe.

Emmanuel de Lutzel

Stephanie serves as the Program Director for Ashoka Changemaker Alliances in Europe that aims at accelerating the growth of social entrepreneurs and maximizing the “changemaking” potential of companies for greater impact through collaboration.

Stephanie Schmidt

Valeria Budinich has been at the helm of thinking how to link entrepreneurs with venture capital. At Ashoka, she is Vice President of the organization and runs the Full Economic Citizenship Initiative (FEC) in which she enables commercial alliances between social entrepreneurs and private companies.

Valeria Budinich

Philipp is the CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim. Innovative medicines for people and animals have for more than 130 years been what the research-driven pharmaceutical company stands for. They seek to foster economic and social well-being in the countries and communities in which they do business and corporate citizenship is an integral part of our corporate culture.

Philipp von Lattorff

He is Director of the Belgian NGO Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland (RLKM), President of the largest network on the natural heritage in Europe, EUROPARC federation; full member of the EU chapter of Club of Rome and council member of the largest nature conservation organization in Flanders, Natuurpunt.

Ignace Schops

Ashoka Fellow

Manager of Partnerships, Director of Storytelling/Comms Innovation for Youth Venture at Ashoka and founder of #MeWeSyria

Mohsin Mohi Ud Din