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We want to empower people who are pursuing careers in the field of social entrepreneurship so that they can become ever more impactful. Our participants will gain the skills to foster entrepreneurial success and social impact at the same time. The program offers a space for future changemakers who challenge traditional assumptions of how economy and society work.

Businesses are looking for new markets and new strategies to become relevant in the future, as well as to achieve a greater sense of purpose on the part of their employees. Public institutions are searching for more responsive and tailored ways of delivering public goods and services.

Taking part in the Ashoka Visionary Program means that you…

  • will be trained to address society’s challenges while achieving economic value for your organization
  • will learn from and collaborate with leading experts from the fields of non-profit, business, academia, and the public sector.
  • will acquire cutting-edge knowledge and unique tools for developing innovative social entrepreneurial initiatives
  • will work with leading social entrepreneurs to gain practical experiene. Furthermore, you will develop strategies (e.g. impact, business and scaling plans), identify development needs and mobilize corresponding resources.
  • will receive a certificate upon completion.
  • will become part of the Ashoka Alumni Network.




start of program: October 2021 // application deadline: July 2021