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About the Program

About the Program


The Ashoka Visionary Program is a pioneering leadership program for Ashoka Fellows, decision makers and leaders of change from the corporate world, the public sector and civil society. The program helps develop and support global responsible leadership and a renewed sense of mission and impact. The program empowers participants on how to solve societal problems in an entrepreneurial way.

The Ashoka Visionary Program was prototyped and operated out of the Ashoka Austria office over the past 6 years. It is now replicated as a regional program in Eastern Africa and the Mediterranean Region. The Visionary Academy coordinates these implementations led by Raphaela Toncic-Sorinj.

Our goal is to support each program equally and to spark initiatives emerging from civil society. These initiatives don´t follow one single ideology, what they have in common is the vision of changing communities for the better.

The Visionary Program is offered in diverse regions, including:


Central & Eastern Europe (CEE)

East Africa (EA)

Mediterranean Region (MED)