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Ondřej Liška

Ondrej Liška (*1977) joined Ashoka Central and East European Team in 2015 as the Czech Republic Country Director and will play a regional role in our team of teams across Central and Eastern Europe.

At age 17 he founded an NGO focusing on intercultural dialogue, reconciliation, civil rights and education that brought a shift in the public debate on Czech modern history and ethnic minorities and later served as Czech Minister of Education and Youth between 2007 and 2009.

Ondřej worked with the Forum 2000 Foundation (founded by the Czech President and former political prisoner Václav Havel) before becoming a Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and the Chair of the European Affairs Committee in 2006. He then served as a member of the Czech Government as the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports (2007-2009), which falls into the period of the Czech Presidency of the European Union.

Ondřej graduated in Politics and History of Religions from Masaryk University Brno (2002) with particular focus on monotheist religions, nation building, secularization and democratic participation. He co-founded and worked as an analyst at GLOPOLIS, the Prague Global Policy Institute, one of the leading Central European think-tanks. Between 2011 and 2013 he acted as Advisor to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation on Advocacy Strategy and Inclusive Education Policy. In 2011 he co-founded the Institute for Active Citizenship. He is a member of the intergovernmental Czech-German Dialog Forum, Board of Trustees of Brücke/Mosty Foundation and a member of the Program Committee of Vaclac Havel`s Forum 2000 Foundation.
He is the author of “Church in the Underground”, the first comprehensive history book on the forbidden Catholic activities under Communist regime 1948-1989 and of number of articles and blogs. Among other things, he is one of the patrons of INSAAN – Czech-Arab Center for Cultural Dialogue. Ondřej has lectured on a number of occasions around Europe and Asia on civil society, democratic transition, EU integration, green economy, human rights and education.