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Ryszard Praszkier

Dr. Ryszard Praszkier, Change Leader emeritus, has worked with Ashoka for over 16 years in various positions. Notably, he launched Ashoka’s Poland program, chaired over 26 Ashoka selection panels, and since 2000 has acted as international staff training director. Prior to Ashoka, Ryszard was a practicing family psychotherapist. In the 1980s he participated in the underground Polish Solidarity movement. Outside of Ashoka Ryszard has been a researcher at the Complex Systems Research Center, University of Warsaw studying social entrepreneurship, co-authored several articles (one is on the list of 5 most frequently downloaded in 2010), co-authored a Cambridge University Press academic-level book on social entrepreneurship, and a professor at the International Institute for Social & European Studies (ISES) based in Hungary.

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