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Ashoka supports the creation of an ecosystem in which everyone a changemaker by carrying out activities aimed at supporting social innovators.

Ecosystem work

For 37 years, Ashoka has been looking for social innovators and support them financially and substantively. There are more than 3,300 Ashoka Fellows around the World, and each of them has an idea how to solve a large-scale social problem. For years, we have been observing how Ashoka Fellows are struggling with barriers to the development of innovation. What can be done to counteract these barriers? And what are the barriers to the development of innovation in solving social problems? As Ashoka, we are thinking about it with the creators and creators of the ecosystem that supports social innovation.

Journey to Changemaker Certificate

The Journey to Changemaker Certificate (J2CC) is an internationally-recognised program executed by Ashoka. The main goal of the certificate is to support the creation of an academic program which supports the changemaker skills needed for the XXI century. These “changemaking skills” are highlighted by the OECD and Davos as necessary to succeed in the future. For this reason the J2CC is dynamic and future-oriented.


WzmocniONE (Eng. empowered) is a program of supporting initiatives strengthening women in realizing their potential and building a sense of agency. It's important for us to put up a force that is dormant in every woman - a force that will allow her to find the answer to the question of who she wants to be. Thus, we want to contribute to building a society in which the dignity of both sexes is equal.