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Poland 2009

Based on his experience as an activist and politician, Radek designed an intersectoral, vivid ecological movement in Poland. His innovations include the introduction of the first environmental protection framework into the law and policy in Poland, including the concept of sustainable development which was added to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.


For years, Radosław has been engaged in comprehensive initiatives in the field of sustainable development in Poland and around the world. Currently, he focuses primarily on energy transformation in relation to climate protection. Poland is the only country in the EU with a coal-based economy. Economy dependence on coal has a number of negative ecological and economic consequences (like the need to import raw materials from Russia and China). In particular, Radosław focuses on the quality of air and smog in cities. Another point of focus is preventing bad investments by river regulators.  Ideas for the subordination of inland waterway rivers , through the construction of canals, excavation of the Vistula spit, as well as the release of other rivers through canals, will result in enormous ecological costs and natural losses.


Radosław achieves change at the level of Poles’ awareness, as well as through social media campaigns. ECO Initiative’s website receives more traffic than that of the Ministry of the Environment. They also created a series of educational broadcasts for nationwide Radio TOK FM. In addition, Radoslaw managed to build a broad coalition around coal energy with the participation of activists and leaders, such as prof. Jan Kopczyk.


Radosław runs campaigns aimed at changing law. Therefore, he works toward building awareness among citizens, politicians and business by means of education and exerting pressure on regulators. Due to difficulties in influencing national policies, they focus on changes at the local level. They also maintain a dialogue with the business world . For example, they talked with banks and investment funds, encouraging management to cease investments in coal due to high investment risk.


Radosław wants sustainable development, conservation of nature and biodiversity, a well-maintained natural environment of the Baltic Sea, decentralized  energy using renewable energy sources and allowing consumers to save in Poland. Radosław’s vision is an ecological Earth,  maintained by citizens’ grassroots initiatives. Although this vision is extremely ambitious, the coalition around the EKO Initiative accomplishes these goals.


When asked about his motivations, Radosław immediately mentions anger and disagreement with existing reality and the belief that his work makes sense and must be done .Also, positive examples of policies at the municipal level, like solar panels on all roofs in a mountain village he noticed during a trip,  motivate him.. Its authorities proved that it is possible. Radosław also enjoys positive signs from people and observing the development of systemic ecological activities in other countries.

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