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Poland 2002

Malgorzata Klecka is combating women’s alcohol abuse during pregnancy to prevent severe brain damage in newborn babies and the subsequent problems families encounter while raising Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) children.


Malgorzata is working toward establishing an institute that will educate society about FAS and its consequences. This institute will reflect her holistic approach of engaging all involved parties in the work of FAS prevention and education. She educates parents and other caregivers, medical personnel, government representatives, and institutions dealing with alcohol problems. She wants to introduce FAS as a new medical term and convince key players dealing with alcohol problems to incorporate the FAS issue into their curricula, trainings, and programs. She is convinced that combining forces with parties who are involved in the problem can help in early prevention and therapy of FAS. Malgorzata believes that raising awareness about FAS should be followed by supporting those affected by FAS. She is especially focused on the guilt that both foster and biological parents carry when they struggle to parent FAS children. Psychological and social support for affected families, then, is a major emphasis of her work. The problems surrounding FAS are not widely known in Europe; there is a lot of room for expanding Malgorzata’s efforts.


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