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Hungary 1995


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Zoltán Nagy is introducing Eastern medical alternatives into the Hungarian medical community, which is struggling to deal with a high incidence of disease and an aging population.


Hungary leads Europe in the proportion of its population who suffer from cancer, circulatory disease and digestive tract disease. Contributing factors include unhealthy life habits and high stress. Under the current system there is little emphasis on prevention and early treatment of illness. As an answer, Zoltán Nagy puts forward the preventative solutions and the more effective and cost-effective cure of chronic illness.


Until today, approximately 120 doctors received training and have begun to treat patients using a combination of Western style medicine and the Korean/Mongolian  techniques. Zoltán’s model provided a cheaper and simpler  medical care because the need for surgery and other radical treatments was greatly reduced.


Zoltán believes that ultimately the methods used in his project could remedy or help prevent most illnesses for which there is presently either no treatment available through established methods or a treatment, which is too expensive for the most people. He would like to integrate these treatments into Hungarian healthcare to complete the available treatments. The project has brought three Korean doctors to Budapest. With the help of translators, the staff has initiated the training of Hungarian doctors in traditional medical techniques such as massage, acupuncture, acupressure and herbal medicines.


Lately, and in the future as well, Zoltán tries to work out and manage valuable touristic programs, instead of the actual, automated and shallow Budapest and Hungary introductions.


Years ago, during a university-sponsored study tour of Mongolia, he was exposed to Mongolian medicine for the first time when he sought the advice of a Mongolian doctor  for his own diabetes. As a result of the doctor’s prescription  of a traditional Mongolian treatment, Zoltán was able to reduce his insulin intake by half. He became convinced that traditional diagnostic methods and treatments are able to detect illness at a much earlier stage and they can offer viable alternative treatments.

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