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Hungary 2002


Civic participation

Tamas Liling is giving a public voice to Hungary’s citizen sector. While empowering citizen organization leaders to develop media skills and to put their work in front of the public, Tamas is also educating media professionals on how to use citizen organizations as a critical voice on public issues.


Working in the media, Tamás Liling has had the opportunity to witness different lives, satires and destinies that he could not ignore. The life of people on the sidelines of society reflect extreme hopelessness in an future but theses issues have been totally ignored by the media. It was then that Tamás decided to make them visible to the general public.


In 10 years almost 100 people joined the initiative, which also means that more than a hundred movies were made. Their achievement has been acknowledged by several awards and international recognition. Numerous film festivals awarded prizes to these movies made in Tamás's workshops. Tams and his co-workers created two more film festivals and such professional awards in Hungary, that were unprecedented before.


He established Handicap Foundation to involve these people in the process of the media through artistic channels and through communication and the press. The artistic approach involved complex training programs in which Tamás and his colleagues taught disabled people how to create websites and make film. Then, with the help of his co-workers and the participants, Tamás created a periodical and distributed it in the country's institutions for the disabled. Also, he taught journalism and how to create a radio station for the disabled. Involving deaf people he created JelTV ('SignTelevision'), the first periodical in Hungary using sign language that offered information online.


Tamás's goal is to improve and expand their working model for helping other groups of disadvantaged people, for example poor, homeless people, underprivileged children or civil organizations.


Tamás was inspired in his venture by the many positive examples around him. Once he met an artisan who supported seriously disabled people offering them a mean of self-expression. This strengthened his conviction that if mentally and physically challenged people can express themselves by means of a pencil, they can handle a camera too. Although the full implementation of Tamás ideas needs a different attitude - collaboration. People have to look at each other as playmates.


Handicap Foundation / Handicap Alapítvány  

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