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Hungary 2000



Piroska Horváth has designed a sports championship program that provides young Hungarians with an attractive alternative to drug abuse and other destructive activities. Participants engage in competitive sports, rather than street fights, and develop confidence in themselves and their futures, as well as an increased commitment to their communities.


Less privileged young people are very vulnerable totemptation. As they usually do not have a proper home background, they usually get into bad company. In Piroska  Horváth’s opinion, by offering them the right alternative,  these struggling young people will change their ways and become healthy, self-confident adults.


Since its foundation in 2000, the program has become more far reaching and today it offers students a wide range of interesting programs during weekday afternoons too. Midnight Sport Championship has worked with three generations, whose members have become one big family, while many of them are participating in the program as  volunteers. According to the ‘We were here’ record of  attendances, more than 3000 youngsters have participated in these evenings and the number is growing with 80 new registrations every year. The newly launched Creative Live Workshop program had 261 registrations over the past 3 years.


Piroska started her work in Hungary based on an American drug prevention model. Her program’s goal is to attrack young people during that dangerous age when they arelikely to use drugs, alcohol or other substances. Every Friday and Saturday night the Midnight Sports Championship offers them a protected environment where they can play ping-pong and do other popular sports. Meanwhile, they’re also becoming part of a community. The Creative Live Workshop has been established, a place that students in need can visit after school to practice in cooking workshops, handicrafts programs or drama courses.


Piroska wishes to reach more and more people in need through the new programs of her foundation.


As a family nurse Piroska has been given an insight of  families’ lives and discovered that young people are all  facing the same problem everywhere. The lack of attention and proper environment lead them to sensations where they can find companionshipPiroska’dPiroska would like to bring people together by engaging in  activities in the field of art, sport and culture  - and not in activities of a destructive kind

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