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Hungary 2003


Human Rights

Geza Nagy is challenging people with disabilities to redefine their role in society and complimenting the disabled community’s push for change with an external pull by working with business, government, and the media to transform the environment in which disabled people live, work, and function.


In Hungary there are different obstacles and communication problems regarding disability issues. In Géza Nagy’s opinion the biggest problem is that the expression ‘disability issues’  exists at all. He thinks that instead of putting the onus on the disabled, in the work place all of us should attempt to do his job in the best possible way, to create a welcoming environment that is easier for disabled people to enter.


He and his colleagues have already made numerous business plans for organizations like holiday resorts and companies producing equipment for the transport and mobility of the disabled. In the past two years they contributed to three or four significant development plans and also took part in several events and festivals. Already more than ten thousand visitors have enjoyed the Ability Park, getting closer to people living with disabilities.


He founded the Ability Park, an innovative institution for the disabled. It cooperates with governmental and social organizations to tear down the barriers of communication. They work out business plans for organizations and provide some kind of a communication platform in order to change Hungarian society’s attitude towards people with disabilities. The Ability Park helps visitors understand the importance of equal opportunities through educational entertainment.


His future dream is to revise the model of Ability Park and use it in other fields too. This could be a mapping of different social problems so future generations could receive an innovative, game-type education.


Géza’s most powerful motivation is his love for fun and games. He himself has always looked at the world from a ludic point of view, and rejoiced in every new original idea rejecting stereotypes.  He also knew that it is through play that we can better understand the issues of disability. 


Ability Park 

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