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Austria 2011



Based on the assumption that there is a human tendency toward seeking ecstatic feelings and risk, resulting in dangerous outcomes and potentially addiction, Gerald Koller trains individuals in local communities, citizen organizations (COs), and regional government programs to develop responsible behavior in risky settings. Gerald enables participants to become active co-creators of a new culture of reflection-based risk taking.


Addictive behavior, burnout and depression are growing problems all over Europe. With an estimated 330.000 alcoholics and 870.000 people living with a - at least temporary – problematic attitude towards alcohol consumption, Austria has one of the highest alcoholism rates in the EU. Furthermore consumption of sedative and excessive consume behaviors are steadily rising. In Austria, every eighth client of the Austrian debt advice services is younger than 25. On the other side, parents and teachers avoid risk education. They are often overprotective and do not empower young people to develop risk balance and responsibility.


To date, Gerald has trained experts in Austria, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and Switzerland and holds about 150 sessions every year. 120 people have graduated from his training programs as certified risk educators. He was able to integrate his methods into a Master Program for Addiction and Violence Prevention and reached an approximate of 4.000 people through educational events, in 2014. Different programs implemented by his network of experts to improve risk balance in traffic, sports, alcohol or shopping have proven to be so effective that they have been adapted by bars, schools, tourist locations and municipalities across the German-speaking world.


In contrast to previous approaches Gerald Koller doesn’t regard risk as a problem that should be avoided. Instead, he advocates responsible risk taking and teaches skills to evaluate risky situations in order to be able to act responsibly and avoid dangerous situations or even addiction. For this purpose he developed a method called risflecting®, which stands for reflective risk taking. Gerald trains educators, parents and citizen organizations to develop responsible behavior in risky settings.


Currently Gerald Koller is working on integrating the methods of risflecting® into social and political spheres, in order to enable a society that actively takes responsibilities for its actions. He envisions a world in which people treat each other with empathy and consciously reflect on their relationships. To increase the awareness of the risflecting® approach Gerald Koller established the “High + Responsible Award” to honor measures according to the concept of “risk-balance” in the Austrian leisure industry. In 2014, risflecting® experts in Germany and Luxembourg will expand their publicity by the participation of experts at events and educational programs.


Born into a difficult social background, Gerald was exposed to alcohol abuse and its implications for families and personal relations at a young age. Later on he realized the value of open dialogue and young people’s need to be heard and appreciated. In his time as a school teacher he encountered very rigid system of intimidating teaching techniques and hierarchies between students, parents, and teachers. This mix of factors, his experience with addicts and the understanding that the problem of irresponsible behavior, burnout and addiction has to be solved at the roots served as the drivers to his work.

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