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Hungary 2001



Gabor Fekete combats the overwhelming presence of apathy, low self esteem, and inadequate job skills among high school students in Hungary through a curriculum integrating topics from career preparation to family and personal relationship issues.


Gábor Fekete recognized that most high schools are approaching student problems in a wrong way. The personality isn’t important, only the results. This is the message of this Prussian-like school system, which has still not changed essentially. This system makes students tense, anxiety prone and self-doubting. A lot of things are missing from the curriculum which would improve the students’ way of thinking, self-recognition and the quality of their lives.


The model of the Baraka Foundation has reached nearly 300 schools and 200 thousand students in 20 years. The Foundation received a lot of positive feedback from students, teachers and professional groups which confirm that the project is on the right track. Since a significant change can only be achieved with the training and motivation of teachers, the Foundation has created an accredited, new improved, 120 hours long educational program for pedagogues. Furthermore, Gábor has compiled a textbook-like handbook with the title ‘Know thyself’.


Gábor worked out his program called Baraka which educates students for a positive, holistic way of thinking and self-recognition. Its most important goals are personality and community development. Gábor believes that along with the traditional subjects, the acquirement of skills like self-knowledge, healthy lifestyle and job orientation, or communication and the education for a family lifestyle are crucial.


Gábor’s next big plan is to write a book about Hungary.


During his high school years, Gábor felt that people never – or only very rarely – get a positive impetus. The only important thing for the school is the amount of knowledge acquired rather than an individual’s personality. After he finished high-school, he started working as a reporter at Radio Station Petőfi where he realized how little he learned in school about those things which are truly indispensable for living a happy, healthy life.

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