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Hungary 2001


Civic participation

Endre Biro is increasing access to the Hungarian legal system by providing resources and services that enable individual citizens and civil society organizations to use the law as a tool for building democratic institutions.


Endre Bíró realized every time a legal issue comes up, people go to lawyers. In most cases this is because they do not know or understand the finer points of the law. If these were explained to them, many of the problems which inevitably arise would be solved without a costly lawyer's intervention.  


The most important result is the forming of a more comprehensible and accessible legal database. Numerous new books, databases, online interfaces and tools have been set up and these will give people a clearer, egalitarian understanding of the legal system.


Endre found the solution in form of a system like Law House. The legal information bureau shares information disadvantaged sections of the population such as children, students, minorities, immigrants or nonprofit organizations, excluding no one, at a realistic price.


Endre wishes to write the book of Hungarian Law Pedagogy during the summer, which would introduce legal studies in education as an essential knowledge. The book summarizes the knowledge that Endre acquired during the use of student rights, school rights and child rights in the last two decades. Another dream of his is to launch and spread the program of Legal Information Bureau an online service which provides legal information from lawyers. The Legal Information Bureau would be a step towards the detachment of legal information from the expensive, slow and difficult process of legal advice or legal representation.  


Endre always felt a sense of a responsibility for those who for whatever reason have no access to the necessary information concerning  legal problem.

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