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Hungary 2014



Edit Gyorik is combining individualized treatment with programs of academic study to accelerate young drug addicts’ reentry into Hungarian society.


Edit Győrik has recognized that the main reason why troubled young people are dropping out of school is that a results- orientated environment isn’t the right educational system for them. In most cases, these struggling young people cannot find the way out of their problems on their own, therefore they drop out of school, get lost, or rebel.


Most of the students of Tanoda not only pass high-school graduation successfully, but also acquire knowledge that is necessary for life. At Tanoda they not only learn the curriculum, but also gain valuable knowledge about life and about themselves. After finishing their studies, students will have the kind of values and knowledge that will be useful for them wherever they get.


The main goal of the Belvárosi Tanoda is to support students excluded from institutional benefits to become independent, healthy people. The personalized and community-based educational method has a unique approach to youth, who feel they get real help from the foundation.


Edit’s biggest dream is that this unique school, which still continues to welcome young people living in difficult circumstances, expelled from high-school, will survive in Hungary with no tuition but with extremely high participation rate. She would like to find a solution or a form of innovation to put the school in a secure financial state to enable it to provide space for those who have dropped out. These people, in the long run, will not cost any money for the state, but they will generate money and live a happy and successful life as well. In Edit’s opinion there is a way to achieve this  but at present the progress is rather undefined.


During her academic years, Edit realized that the number of bored youth wandering on the streets is increasing rapidly. She made a point of reaching out to them and seeking their companionship and discovered what valuable, honest and burdened people they really are. During the past years, building a supportive relationship with them, she learned a lot from them. 

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