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Hungary 1999



Csaba founded the Leo Amici Foundation in 1991 to change medical and social prejudices against drug addicts and alcoholics. He is creating a humane, safe, and creative environment for treatment which builds self-confidence and reinforces the assumption of personal responsibility. His private institution has become a model in Hungary for substance abuse rehabilitation.


First of all, the basic problem Csaba had to confront was the inappropriate social and medical treatment of people with dependencies. Previous therapies were all based on a negative attitude towards the individual and did not take into consideration the full complexity of the situation, such as the effect their behavior was having on the people around them.


As a result, the institution has become a model in Hungary for substance abuse rehabilitation, also promoting the introduction of several successful therapies and treatments. With his work at Leo Amici, Csaba has generated multiple projects and created important professional relations and widespread participation.


He established the Leo Amici Foundation, a community where drug addicts and alcoholics together can change, motivate and help each other. With this human, safe and creative environment for treatment they build self-confidence and reinforce the individual’s ability to take personal responsibility.


As regards the care of psychiatric patients, his goal is to establish psychiatric therapy communities (TC) - considering Franco Basaglia’s psychological reform, where patients and staff members have responsibility for each other and make the group’s decisions together. Since he is regularly invited by his Italian colleagues, Csaba organizes teams 2 times a year to participate in the events of Testa nell pallone, a sport therapy for people struggling with mental or dependency problems, in Monte Cavallo and Lecce.


Csaba has always known that he wanted to dedicate his life to help others. With two hands, a warm heart and a cool head he felt instinctively drawn to such a career.

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