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Hungary 2012


Economic development

Aron Jakab is building a more competitive and independent citizen sector in Hungary, beginning with professionalizing the state employment system for disabled workers. Fruit of Care creates the missing link between the citizen sector and the full market.


Aron has confronted the problem that the products made by disabled people are not marketable by the Hungarian companies with a special Status (in that 50% of their workers are diversely able) either as regards design or practicality. He would like customers to buy the products of FRUIT OF CARE first of all because of their quality and innovative design and to consider the social aspects of the purchase afterwards. His goal is that those employers with special Status be able to increase their income from sales. Because Aron believes that real social Integration requires new customer-producer partnerships.


FRUIT OF CARE is working with a dozen employers, giving opportunities to hundreds of disabled people to show that they are capable of making marketable products. Since the foundation of the company, their products have reached thousands of people, thanks to the over 100 Company clients the foundation had on their books when they started out. FRUIT OF CARE not only promote social change but also helps special Status employers to find their market niche.


FRUIT OF CARE produces quality and marketable products which are made by mentally disabled or disadvantag'ed workers at a competitive price. The business is mostly sustained by the sale of attractive and quality products which customers need and not by state aid and donations. This is a fundamental aspect of their business model. The goal of FRUIT OF CARE is to further the Integration of disabled people and enable them to facilitate the process through their own work. Furthermore, he would like the employers of disabled people to put emphasis on economic and market based practicality.


One of Aron’s goals is to convince his colleagues and decision- making politicians about the importance of a change of mind set about disability employment by emphasizing the problems of effectiveness and Integration. Furthermore, he would like to pass on the knowledge has gained during' the organization of this social entrepreneurship to someone with a similar mind set or to new enterprises. Another goal is to participate in the creation of other brands and social entrepreneurships in Europe. He would like to contribute to the sustainability and the economic-ally significant market presence of social entrepreneurships in Hungary and on the international market as well.


A willingness and readiness to learn which helps to solve new and complex problems is very important for Aron. He previously worked as a designer, but while launching' and developing' FRUIT OF CARE he acquired business skills and economic knowledge, which he thinks essential for the success of the project. For Aron, one of the most exciting aspects of his work is that he can combine his professional interests with social issues in the civil sector. He believes, that there are plenty of opportunities in design to solve social problems and that we can achieve significant and long lasting change.


Fruit of Care

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