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Hungary 1998



The aim of Andrea David’s Salva Vita Foundation is to give the mentally disabled a chance to create new, independent lives and to assist in their social integration. Andrea helps provide them with integrative workplaces and the training programs they need to succeed in mainstream society. The foundation’s broader mission is to spread the concept of “supported employment” throughout Hungary.


Andrea Dávid first with came in contact with mentally challenged people while working as an agronomist. She has realized how their situation makes them so defenseless. Her own experiences have shown her how little their problems are recognized and how little we know about our own responsibilities and tasks in this area. She was searching for a solution for reducing the social exclusion through integrated employment.


During the last 20 years and in collaboration with specialized schools in the framework of the Workplace Practice program, Salva Vita Foundation prepared more than 600 students for employment and almost 170 workplaces and working communities get in touch with them. The method of Supported Employment service is used by seven different organizations. As well as the individual training of disabled employees, the service provides employers an effective help in accepting and recognizing mutual values and helps them how to play an active role in social change.


She created Salva Vita Foundation to help disabled people to develop an independent way of life. During the first years, they organized different workshops and integrated trainings to involve disabled young and adult people in several working processions, one step after another. Later, she created a number of services that support mentally disabled people with integrated employment. That is how the service of Supported Employment and the Workplace Practice program was born.


Andrea’s goal is to widen the activity and the organization of the Eranus Foundation established in 2011, which is only working with volunteers. With a little help of social collaboration, the foundation is supporting families living in critical circumstances


Andrea has faced mentally challenged people’s problems of integration in the course of her work. She felt she could not to go on, she had no right to go on after recognizing this problem. She felt her personal responsibility to bring changes in these people’s defenselessness.


Salva Vita

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