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Poland 2004


Economic development

Adrian is reforming the way social welfare services are provided to the long-term unemployed and their families in industrialized centers in Poland. His approach builds on the foundational principle of partnership (rather than charity) and offers municipalities a low-cost alternative to rehabilitating some of Poland’s most underserved communities


Adrian had to face the harsh reality that hundreds of children and teenagers live on the streets without hope. Many of the children are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Adrian has developed a comprehensive program for social rehabilitation focused mainly on industrial areas to support every child, even the most rejected and those who have experienced a deprived childhood. Another fundamental problem is that children who grow up in dysfunctional environments do not believe that their lives may turn out different than the lives of their parents, because they are afraid to dream, do not trust adults, and thus often follow the lives of their parents.


The Foundation has completed over 11 projects under the sponsorship of "Ambassador of the Impossible"; including two international expeditions for young people from underprivileged social backgrounds in Silesia. Documentaries were created from expeditions and they reached more than 10,000 people through lectures, demonstrations and meetings that motivated, inspired and invited people to a make their dreams come true. Annually, about 14,200 people hear about Ambassador of the Impossible. Journalists interest in the Foundation and its activities has promoted more public awareness and has begun to create even greater change.


Adrian and his „STREET“ Foundation build up in children, youth and adults winning  attitudes, which shows that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can fulfill your dreams and succeed in life. Therefore, children that are part of the project receive an award, a title: "Ambassador of the Impossible" which will then inspire others to do the same. The idea behind Ambassadors of the Impossible is to push people outside of their comfort zones, helping to create a sense of responsibility, not only for their own lives, but also for  the future of local communities.


His vision is to build self-esteem in children and youth. Every child, regardless of their social situation has the right to fulfill their dreams and believe in the fact that "impossible is just a word and true value is hidden in their determination, finding their own way, developing listening skills and finding answers to important questions. "


The experience of seeing children living in a dark and hopelesworld had a profound effect on Adrian, awakening empathy and the need to find  effective solutions that would bring about change. His desire  to bring change into this reality came from a deep belief that every man has within himself the resources, potential and strength to help. By finding this within yourself you have the opportunity to use today to change tomorrow and leave what's in the past behind.

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