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Pavlina Horejsova

Pavlina is the Country Representative of Ashoka in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and has taken part in the emergence of a number of initiatives, whose aim is a long-terming increase in efficiency and impact of civil society organizations,, social innovators and the cooperation between sectors. These include Impact Academy, Advocacy Forum, and a meeting of non-profits and business In the Same Boat.

She has a three-year experience with the transformation of Rekola bikesharing from a non-profit organization into a successful social enterprise. Prior to that, she had led several political campaigns, worked for six years for Greenpeace and for many years has been helping the civil sector in our country to further develop, especially in the area of financing and strategic planning.

Although she studied Drama and Education at the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno and later Theater Theory and Criticism at the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, theater and education became only her hobby. During her studies, Augusto Boal’s concept of the Theater of the Oppressed was her biggest inspiration, as it makes it possible to bring innovative solutions and direct experience of overcoming seemingly unsolvable situations to a wide range of target groups, from homeless, teenagers to public transport passengers. Where Ashoka inspires her the most is its aim to enable wide groups of society experience firsthand what it is to be a changemaker.

The work for Ashoka is an opportunity for Pavlina to combine all her previous experience and contacts and to use them for the benefit of social innovators and civil society organizations in Czechia and Slovakia.

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