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Our Partners are the Pioneers of Change

Only through the support of our partners are we able to expand and make visible the work of our Ashoka Fellows. Our partners support us financially, with know-how, infrastructure, access to networks or media presence.


Ashoka finances its social innovation projects through private funds and foundations. Each one of our investors makes an important contribution to the revolution of our society and to the solution of social problems.

Boehringer Ingelheim
ESSL Foundation
People share Foundation

Ashoka Support Network

Individuals who belong to the Ashoka Support Network assist our Fellows with funding, their own networks, their experiences and ideas. Our Support Network is an engaged team of involved and dynamic people, who feel a personal duty to contribute to the creation of a better future.

Martin Ducháček
Silke Horáková
Jaroslav Horák
Jan Barta
Boris Zeleny

Martin is the Head of Algorithmic System Development at the investment firm RSJ and the member of its Supervisory Board. He is the benefactor of projects focusing on science, healthy eating and research in medicine.

Martin Duchacek

Ashoka Support Network

Silke is a private investor and a co-owner of Albatros Media group. With her husband Jaroslav, they support The Endowment Fund for Independent Journalism, belong to investors of the independent media project Denik N, their Albatros Foundation has distributed over 40 millions over 3 years to educate children from socially disadvantaged families. Silke founded the first investment fund in Czechia dedicated to support social businesses – Tilia Impact Ventures, and is a board member of several acceleration programs for social entrepreneurs.

Silke Horakova

Ashoka Support Network

Jaroslav Horak is a private investor and private equity professional. He is co-owner of Albatros Media. He is the investment committee chairman of ARX Equity Partners. He was the president of the Czech Private Equity and Venture Capital Association and board member of the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.

Jaroslav Horak

Ashoka Support Network

Jan is a partner of the Pale Fire Capital investment fund where he dedicates his time to search and analyse investment opportunities. He actively deals with stock exchange trading and regularly invests his time into non-profit projects. The Jan Barta scholarship enables students from socially disadvantaged families to study at The English College in Prague.

Jan Barta

Ashoka Support Network

Boris Zeleny

Ashoka Support Network

Pro Bono Partners

By providing our Fellows with their know-how and expert knowledge, our Pro Bono Partners help take our Fellows' concepts to the next level. Additionally, partners connect us with their own networks, thereby strengthening Ashoka and our Fellows.

Senior Pro Bono Advisor

These individuals work very closely with the Ashoka Team and assist us in our work. They bring decades of professional experience to the table, from which we and our Fellows profit.

Jan is working as a individual fundraising consultant and as a director in coalition of fundraising professionals “For Easy Giving” (CZ). It brings together 36 major czech nonprofits that realize individual, relationship fundraising on a professional level. Previously, Honza served as program director in Via Foundation, or as head of fundraising in Hnutí DUHA – Friends of the Earth Czech Republic. He is devoted to fundraising and philanthropy over 12 years. More:

Jan Gregor

Fundraising Consultant

Partner Organizations

Organizations that promote the same idea and mission as we do.

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