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Ashoka Fellows change the world.

They are people that solve society’s most pressing problems with their entrepreneurial spirit. They proffer innovative solutions in order to revolutionize an entire sector of society. Social Entrepreneurs stimulate change and prepare our society for the future. They do not view themselves as alternatives to social-welfare programs, but rather as a rejuvenating force within that system.

What criteria must an Ashoka Fellow satisfy?

A new idea

Is the solution innovative and suitable for a broader application?

Social impact

Does the idea address the root cause of a social problem, and is the solution developed enough that its impact is foreseeable?

Entrepreneurial quality

Is the entrepreneurial spirit strong enough to carry out the large-scale implementation of their idea?


Is there enough creative potential available to overcome potential obstacles?

Ethical fiber

Is the canditate trustworthy and free from hidden interests?

Nominate a Fellow Here

Nominate a Social Entrepreneur for our Support Program

If you know someone who fulfills the selection criteria (see above), please send us an e-mail containing

  • the name of the person and organization
  • a brief explanation for your nomination

Nominate a Key Expert who can suggest Social Entrepreneurs

If you know experts who, on the basis of their professional or private knowledge, could nominate potential candidates, then we would be very grateful if you put us in contact with them.

Nomination form


Our Fellows realize their visions in these main fields:

Civic participation

Economic development




Human Rights

Fellows from the Czech Republic and from the CEE region


Human Rights



Economic Development

Civic Participation

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