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In the Same Boat: The biggest intersectoral meeting in the Czech Republic and Slovakia


by Pavlína Hořejšová

We are sailing online on 27 August at 10 AM

Already since 2015 ASHOKA has been engaging business in systemic solutions to societal problems. This year, for the first time, there will be an “In the Same Boat” online meeting for enterprising people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


an informal networking meeting that connects people from the commercial and non-commercial worlds and gives them an opportunity to create a joint project with a positive social impact.

an event that pushes the possibilities of intersectoral cooperation far beyond philanthropy~ an event that refutes the prejudices that “non-profits only want money from business” and that “business cannot contribute to society

~ an opportunity for all who can imagine a better world and want to start actively creating it.

Every societal problem already has its solution -it is just not widespread throughout the world yet. We need to ask ourselves the question: “How can I contribute to enabling a solution to a burning problem to assert itself and change the system?” The solution is not brought about by politicians, company directors or non-profits, but by enterprising people across all sectors. We connect such people and encourage them to engage in a cooperation that has a greater impact than ordinary philanthropy.

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