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A new country has appeared on the map – the Country of Change (Ze:mě změny)!


by Pavlína Hořejšová

Zeme Zmeny

Key actors within the field of social entrepreneurship met on April 14th in Prague, whereto Ashoka Czech Republic and its partners invited over one hundred and twenty representatives of the private, the citizen and the public sector, social entrepreneurs and their supporters. Thank you for making this assembly through your experiences and refections a true mile point!

For the growth and development of social entrepreneurs, we need a number of supportive measures – various sources of financing, mentoring, professional consulting, close cooperation between the business, the non-governmental and the public sector. In all, they make up the „ecosystem“ of social entrepreneurship.

The goal of the assembly „Ze:mě změny“ (the Country of Change) was to collaboratively look for solution to the challenges faced by social entrepreneurs in the Czech republic today, and for ways, how to jointly remove the barriers of their growth and development.

For this purpose, Ashoka has produced a profound research of these challenges and barriers. We conducted structured interviews with twenty-five selected social entrepreneurs and their supporters. As a result, we identified nine significant barriers (e.g. uderstanding of a systemic change, low awareness  and presenting skills, measuring impact, non-uniform interpretetion of terms, etc.). Follow our website and FB/Twitter, we will publish the research in a comprehensive form!

Seven workshops based on the outputs of the research took place during the assembly „Ze:mě změny“. Their result is a wealth of solution-crystallizing ideas and energy that we want to help transform into specific steps in the following months. Around most of the topics, platforms of individuals and entities have formed, which will continue the collaboration. You can join too! Watch our website and FB/Twitter, more information will follow.

Thank you to all who participated in the assembly „Ze:mě změny“ and thus contributed to the creation of better conditions for social entrepreneurs.

Special thanks to Nadace Karla Janečka for support and to the mayor of Prague, Mrs Adriana Krnáčová, for enabling us to hold the event in the beautiful premises of her residence. And last but not least, a great thank you to the amazing facilitators of the workshops: Robert BaschKlára LaurenčíkováMarkéta Pěchoučková,Martin LupaSilvie PychovaZdeněk SlejškaPavlína PacákováOndrej ZapletalTaťána ŠárovcováPavel FialaLukáš PolicarRoman Bojko a Petr Vítek.

Your Ashoka Czech Republic team.

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