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The latest news of social entrepreneurship and Ashoka world


by Pavlína Hořejšová

You might enjoy diving into the latest news of social entrepreneurship and Ashoka world. Here are some links you can go through:

1. Have a look at the Changemaker Maps we have recently completed in the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy. Until the end of the year we will be creating three more maps for Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, we are excited!

2. Learn more about how social entrepreneurs change lives through playful education;

3. Discover what systemic changes internet technology in the hands of skillful social entrepreneurs can lead to;

4. Watch videos of social entrepreneurs bringing powerful and affordable solutions in solar energy, clean water, mobile technology, science education, and healthcare;

5. Expand Your horizon on social innovations in the healthcare field;

6. Find out how social entrepreneurs can contribute to job creation;

7. Follow Ashoka Fellows sharing their ideas on TED and TEDx;

8. Learn how Ashoka and Fellows think about social impact and scaling of social innovations;

9. Or maybe just go to the roots and read about the story of Ashoka and main principles of our work in David Bornstein’s book “How to change the world”;

10. And in the end an exiting library of online resources on Ashoka and social entrepreneurship: or

News from the World of Changemakers

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