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Our Fellows Change the World
Our Mission: Save the World
Ashoka Support Network: Investing in Social Innovation

For over 40 years Ashoka has been the leading worldwide organization in supporting social entrepreneurship.

How does Ashoka work?


Research and Selection

We are continually searching for exceptional people with entrepreneurial spirit, individuals who use their ideas to revolutionize a particular sector and in doing so, solve the most pressing problems facing society today. After an intensive screening phase, we nominate candidates who must then undergo a multi-level international selection process. By the year 2020 Austria Ashoka will select and support 12 exceptional social entrepreneurs who will effect noticeable changes in Austrian society.


Fellowship Program

Ashoka Fellows receive an individual stipend from our international network that covers living expenses for a three-year period. This enables Fellows to concentrate fully on the development of their projects. In addition to this stipend, we give our Fellows access to our network of investors, pro-bono partners and pro-bono consultants. Our Fellowship Program emphasizes scaling and maximizing effectiveness, so the solution can be felt exactly where it’s needed.


Social Business Partnerships

Continuous cooperation and partnerships build bridges between social entrepreneurs and the business sector. Many businesses use this exchange with Ashoka Fellows to gain new access to innovation and to develop sustainable business practices. In this exchange, new products and services arise that can make a difference, have a real social impact and solve the most pressing issues that our society faces today.


An Ecosystem for Changemakers

Social change requires many Changemakers and innovative social entrepreneurs. Through media work, the development of our network and a sustained dialogue with those in the political and financial sectors, and along with our partners in civil society, we are able to build the necessary infrastructure to solve our problems together.



57% of Fellows influence national policy.
75% of Fellows are regarded as leading the way in their field.
89% of our Fellows’ successful solutions are replicated.
91% of Fellows say Ashoka helped them gain new perspectives on their work.
87% of Fellows say Ashoka contributed to an increase in the effectiveness of their work.

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More News

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