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Austria 2015


Human Rights

Walburga Fröhlich & Klaus Candussi foster and promote equality for people with learning difficulties and disabilities.


Disabled persons as well as persons with learning difficulties are often left behind in traditional workplace environments. Inclusion and total equality still remain concepts that are understood and applied far too little by employers. Therefore, many disabled persons and persons with learning difficulties have limited job opportunities, or end up being unemployed.


The social enterprise Atempo works to fully unlock the potential of disabled persons. By integrating them into the world of employment, a significant economic advantage is created for the state. Atempo is part of a varied network of franchise partners across Germany. As up to ten new jobs are created with each new partnership, the potential for inclusion of disabled persons in the job market is increased significantly.


Atempo works to enable the full socio-economic inclusion of disabled persons and persons with learning disabilities. As one of Atempo´s individual products, „Capito“ examines websites and translates texts into a more understandable language. The resulting handicapped-accessible websites are user-friendly and can be used by persons with various visual impairments without any of the usual restrictions. A further Atempo product, „Nueva – evaluating users“, examines and evaluates the quality of residential buildings and workplaces through the lens of the needs of disabled persons.


Atempo´s vision is a world in which all people organise the way they live, develop, and work together on the basis of equality. Atempo works to achieve the vision that disabled persons and persons with learning difficulties find employment and lead a self-determined life.


The motivation behind Atempo is based on equality. Every person should be able to learn, develop and work at his/her own speed. Atempo´s work is centered on achieving greater freedom and equality for disabled persons and persons with learning difficulties.

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