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Hungary 1997


Human Rights

Erzsébet Szekeres has created a nationwide program for training, employing and housing disabled adults. As a result of her efforts, her hometown has become a principle locus of activity for the disabled in Hungary.


As she was searching for an appropriate afterschool program for her son, Erzsébet Szekeres was unable to find any she felt confident in adopting. The limited possibilities of employment, qualification and housing are all holding back disabled children from living an independent life like healthy kids do.


The Rehabilitation Centre provides jobs for nearly 600 physically and mentally disabled people in areas like gardening, sewing, cleaning, animal husbandry and a lot more. During the past years, hundreds of young people got a chance to work despite the fact that most people had already given up on them. In addition, the Centre provides a home for about 120 adults.


She established the Rehabilitation Centre, a complex care system in Csömör with two main organizations. The Cooperation Rehabilitation Centre helps the physically and mentally disabled by ensuring the possibility of employment and the Equal Rights Foundation provides them with accommodation. This for them means the chance of an independent life.


Erzsébet would like to see in the future as well that the Rehabilitation Centre is working successfully and providing home and opportunities for more and more young people. Furthermore, she would like to establish a training centre which would provide trainings and support for foster children with disadvantages.


After her child was born, Erzsébet became aware of the 
harshness of disabled people’s lives and understood that 
social integration is almost impossible for them. Erzsébet would like to create an institution where they can implement their independence by developing their own qualities.

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