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Hungary 2002



Lajos Orosz is introducing an approach to public education that addresses fundamental trends of inequality and creates opportunities for marginalized children to reap the benefits of mainstream education.


Lajos Orosz recognized that the Hungarian school system does not provide equal access to educational services that is typically determined by the students’ social status. He would like to create a fair system which could equalize the differences among students.


Through his program, Lajos has saved a lot of children from being sent to special schools as the result of an illconsidered action and falling behind compared with the students of 
‘normal’ schools. Already 13 schools joined the program, in this way giving an opportunity to marginalized students. Lajos was the professional leader of the Utolsó Padból Program (‘From the Last Desk Program’) which was first introduced as a national program, then as a government program as well. In addition, almost 31 families have joined the Nikla program in Szombathely and it now has a community of 120 members


He established the Hétszínvirág Pedagogic System based on a trust system to help students and reduce discrimination and thereby achieve the total implementation of a reversed integration. The program enables students to obtain equal treatment and start developing a sense of responsibility for each other as soon as possible. Lajos has launched several law modifications that are mostly still in force.


Lajos plans to establish a new format for life in Nikla, whereby people can live productive lives in collaboration with each other and in close contact with nature. Furthermore, his goal is to define the notion of pedagogic licence and to explore the possibilities of ‘managing’ this licence. His other dream is to present his new paintings at an exhibition.


According to Lajos, the change cannot be attributed to a precise moment. Until now wherever he looked he has seen that creating is a man’s innate instinct that he cannot resist. 
Helping is also an innate need that knows no bounds.


Small Regional School Union / Kistérségi Iskolai Társulás

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