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Olga Shirobokova

Originally a diplomat by training, Olga has realized that her passion lies within the citizen sector rather than in the state service. She reconnected to her youth passion about social impact and international cooperation and joined the Central European headquarters of Ashoka in 2012. Olga was responsible for launching the Ashoka office in the Czech Republic, i.e. identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs and building up a support ecosystem of partners. With time, Olga has grown particularly keen on supporting social entrepreneurs to refine their systems change strategies. In 2018 she thus transitioned into a role of a systems thought partner for social entrepreneurs at an international accelerator Ashoka Globalizer. In her years with Ashoka, Olga has also co-designed the Impact Academy, a Czech executive education program on impact evaluation, the Advocacy Forum, a Czech peer education platform on citizen lobbying, and co-authored the Online Course on Systems Thinking for social entrepreneurs. In her free time, Olga is passionate about improving the waste management system in her home region in Russia.

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