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Ashoka Fellows change the world.

They are people who use their entrepreneurial spirit to solve society’s most urgent problems. They deliver innovative solutions to revolutionize an entire sector. Social Entrepreneurs promote potentials and make our society fit for the future. They do not see themselves as an alternative to the welfare state, but as a renewing force within it.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we focus on “Health” together with our partner Boehringer Ingelheim – We are looking for “Austria’s Next Health Innovator”.


What criteria must an Ashoka Fellow satisfy?

A new idea

Is the solution innovative and suitable for a broader application?

Social Impact

Does the idea address the root cause of a social problem, and is the solution developed enough that its impact is foreseeable?

Entrepreneurial quality

Is the entrepreneurial spirit strong enough to carry out the large-scale implementation of their idea?


Is there enough creative potential available to overcome potential obstacles?

Ethical fiber

Is the canditate trustworthy and free from hidden interests?

Nominate a Fellow Here

Nominate Social Entrepreneurs for our support program

Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic, we are focusing on “Health” together with our partner Boehringer Ingelheim – We are looking for “Austria’s Next Health Innovator”. We are looking for someone who:

  • enriches the Austrian healthcare system with innovative ideas
  • pushes the fight against COVID-19 with new solutions

If you know someone who meets our selection criteria (see above), click on the link below

nomination form

Fields of work

Our Fellows realize their visions in these main fields:

Civic participation

Economic development




Human Rights

Fellows from Austria

Fellows from our Region


Human Rights



Economic Development

Civic Participation

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