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Lithuania 2003




The Lithuanian school system is undergoing systemic reform. As the median age in Lithuania has increased, a surplus of teachers and school facilities has emerged. There are schools throughout the country without enough students, requiring many schools to close, merge, or otherwise reorganize. Yet the school reforms have been occurring without the deep engagement of school communities. Historically, schools and educators had very limited autonomy, because education was controlled by the central government.


Egle says what it was a lot of things and changes through this 14 year, but she thinks that it is a very big success that Center for School Improvement is still alive and active and even bigger despite difficult political and financial situation in Lithuania.

Now she is also lead the program “I choose to teach”. With the program is attracted young and motivated people who want to be a teacher. “New teachers” in the school work for two years and try to make the learning more joyful and successful. They help to reach better results, inspire the school students, also teach them leadership skills, etc. Now “new and motivated teachers” reached about 7000 students in the school. 79 “new and motivated teachers” already ended the two years experience to be a teacher in the school. 2/3 of them is continuing work as a teacher, 1/3 work for education in national level.



Egle Pranckuniene is transforming education systems in Lithuania by focusing on organizational development, a proactive strategy traditionally employed by the corporate sector. By treating school communities as environments ripe for organizational learning and development, she is mobilizing a variety of participants to work collectively for greater impact.


Most education institutions in Lithuania address problems on a micro level. Rather than focusing on changing specific people, grades, or subjects, Eglė is addressing inadequacies in the current system by working with entire school communities: teachers, administrators, parents, and students.


Tel: +370 5 2154156

Founder of Center of School Improvement
Leader of the program “I choose to teach”

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