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Think tank: First Austrian Future Learning Lab


by ashokaaustria

The Future Learning Lab (FLL) that opened on October 17th 2017 stems out of a cooperation between the Centre for Educational Technology and Innovation at PH Wien and their partner, the Association for the Promotion of Digital Educational Services (Verein zur Förderung digitaler Bildungsangebote).

Sophie Karmasin at the opening of the Future Learning Lab © Regina Aigner/BKA

Innovative Space to support the digitization strategy “School 4.0”. The ‘Future Learning Lab’ is composed out of two teaching rooms, 40 and 60 m2. It gives space for a lot of interaction on various levels, having a video studio, a conference room as well as offices. Furthermore, the lab is filled with interactive boards, tablets, notebooks, and adjustable furniture, all aimed at creating an atmosphere of innovation and collaborative work. Students of all levels, teachers, and other actors involved in extracurricular pedagogy have the opportunity to discover and use a space that merges technological and media focused pedagogy as well as consequent instruction. Teaching, learning, encounter, experimenting, training, think-tank: ‘Future Learning Lab’ is at its core.

The FLL was initiated out of a collaboration of ministry of family, the ministry of education, and the IT industry. The lab also wants to encourage the collaboration between educators and enterprises, specifically: A1 Telekom, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, T-Mobile and Apple represented by McWerk. All of which are already involved in fascinating and innovative e-learning projects.

“It is about changing the way new technologies are dealt with. We want to encourage and teach a much stronger goal-oriented feedback culture. We aim to encourage how technology contributes to the quality of teaching and not to foster infatuation with the tech world.” explains Sophie Karmasin, Federal Ministry of Family and Youth.

For more information about the project click here.

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