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Future Made in Austria


by ashokaaustria

Ashoka Austria participated in writing a multi-stakeholder paper on ‘Future Made in Austria’ – for more and improved social innovation.

Today it is more important than ever to tackle social problems with innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions. By 2025, Austria wants to be one of the prime locations for technological, entrepreneurial, and social innovation. To achieve this, it is essential to make entrepreneurial and innovative ways of thinking intrinsic to our thought processes. The paper boils down three main areas of scope with suggestions on how to transform approaches to foster innovation. The paper makes clear, that a crucial issue is the lack of awareness and knowledge regarding the potential and benefits related to social innovation. Thus, in order to reach a wide scope of individuals and diverse stakeholders a shift in mindsets and culture of innovation needs to be fostered. Additionally, effective social innovation requires an improvement in the basic parameters for innovation on multiple levels. Lastly, the paper underlines the importance of collaboration and communication between the multiple and diverse actors in order to achieve long-lasting and effective change.

Best Practice Example 1: Ideegration

‘The ‘Ideegration’ project was initiated by Accenture Austria, Ashoka Austria, and the Red Cross. In collaboration with a far reaching network of partners this cross sector collaboration aims to find and support the most impactful initiatives working on integration.“

Best Practice Example 2: Innovationsstiftung für Bildung

‘To accomplish effective change many small innovations are often more impactful than large-scale reforms. Therefore, the Innovationsstiftung für Bildung supports project ideas in education. From nurseries to schools, to universities to adult education – innovative ideas that develop and improve teaching and learning are required in all areas.”

More information about the Paper “Zukunft made in Austria”

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