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Our Fellows Change the World
Ana Bella Estévez Empowers women survivors
Ashoka Support Network: Investing in Social Innovation
The Ashoka Visionary Program - Empowering a new Generation of Leaders

For over 30 years Ashoka has been the leading worldwide organization in supporting social entrepreneurship.


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How does Ashoka work?


What we do and Why

In a nutshell, Ashoka creates networks of social innovators to tackle the world´s most pressing societal problems. They are Changemakers. No matter how old they are or what their profession is, they feel empowered to lead a change for the common good.


How we find Social Entrepreneurs

Within Ashoka CEE we manage to find new Social Entrepreneurs by mapping and visualizing networks of changemakers and open source innovations. In our selection process, we evaluate five important aspects: the new idea, the social impact, the entrepreneurial spirit, the creative potential and the ethical fiber. If elected, these Social Entrepreneurs become Ashoka Fellows. Find out more about our Ashoka Fellows.


How we support Social Entrepreneurs

Ashoka Fellows receive an individual stipend from our international network that covers living expenses for a three-year period. This enables Fellows to concentrate fully on the development of their projects. In addition to this stipend, we give our Fellows access to our network of investors, pro-bono partners and pro-bono consultants. Find out more about our partners.



How we foster the ecosystem

It takes a village to raise a child: In 2013 Ashoka CEE identified fostering supportive ecosystems for changemakers as one of its priorities. Together with partners, we have been co-facilitating existing ecosystem initiatives in several countries and visualized them on the ecosystem map. Since then, we co-developed many ecosystem projects in our CEE regions. Find out more about our programs.


Who is in the network

Today our network counts 3,500+ Ashoka Fellows, in over 80 countries. 177 of them come from Central and Eastern Europe. In every country where we operate, our network unites like-minded entrepreneurial people from across sectors who join forces and together advance solutions to social problems. Find out more about our world.

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