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Structure & Content

Structure & Content

The 9 months part-time program includes 7 modules (Friday and Saturday) and offers the possibilty to either work with a social entrepreneur or to develop a new social venture.

The program provides space for future changemakers to challenge traditional assumptions of how the economy and society work. Furthermore, participants gain access to Ashoka’s 35 years of experience of working with leading social entrepreneurs, corporations, the finance industry and public institutions to address the world ́s toughest problems in unprecedented ways.

In the modules you will learn about:

  • The Market
    Spotting opportunities in the emerging market of social entrepreneurial initiatives for new system-changing ideas and social innovations.
  • The Tools
    Applying the impact model and the impact-oriented business plan; managing results-based; and measuring the impact of social entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • The Know-How
    Financing and scaling social innovation, as well as building partnerships between the social, public and business sectors, while understanding how to mobilize the ecosystem of support.
  • The Management
    Assessing social entrepreneurial initiatives along the life-cycle, co-creating hybrid value chains, enabling matchmaking as well as lobbying and managing stakeholders.


  • Module 1
    Social Entrepreneurship
    & Innovation

    Spotting opportunities in the emerging market of social entrepreneurship for new system-changing ideas, social innovations, and collaborations.

  • Module 2
    Impact & Social Business Modeling

    Applying an impact model and impact- oriented business plan for strategy & organizational development.

  • Module 3
    & Scaling
    Social Innovation

    Developing ways to scale and maximize social impact; under- standing financing approaches to increase readiness and to attract funding and financing.

  • Module 4
    Managing Talents & Organizations

    Understanding and leveraging the power of private companies, public institutions and traditional welfare organizations.

  • Module 5
    System Change

    Mobilizing stakeholders, facilitating impact-oriented collaboration and 'decision making',
    and enabling systemchange.

  • Module 6
    Partnerships & Co-Creation

    Managing organizations; scouting for, attracting, recruiting, managing and rewarding the best talents.

  • Module 7
    The Art of Storytelling & Marketing

    Designing, crafting and communicating success stories, leveraging
    the power of mass media, and utilizing social media channels.

  • OPTION A: Fieldwork on an assignment with one of our Social Entrepreneurs
  • OPTION B: Development and design of your social venture