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by aharasymko

When Ashoka Fellows meet at the upcoming year meeting, they’ve got the occasion to provide unlimited conversations about the things it’s impossible to discuss with others. No one else can understand the struggles of increasing the social impact, changemaking, assuring cooperation based on empathy, but for the other social innovators.

That’s why the torn pants was the guiding motive of upcoming 2017 year meeting. As it turned out,  in the fervor of world changing each present Ashoka Fellow faced the tearing of their pants or skirt during significant meeting, conducting the workshop or during some other public appearance. And what’s next? How many innovators, that many ideas. One can blazon the pants tore, laugh together and go to the point. One can manage not to turn their back to the participants all day long. One can bind the skirt with the laptop adapter. One can seal the split with tape. One can talk with the workshop participants modelling the possible feelings the person could feel when their pants tore during public performance ending with: that is exactly how I feel right now.

Fortunately there are people one can feel free among. Share some happy or unlucky moments. As Leo Tolstoy once told: “One can’t feel happy dedicating life only to themselves”. Ashoka Fellows live with the others and for the others.


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