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EFESEIIS Poland National Report on social entrepreneurship


by Martyna Rubinowska

The consolidation of social entrepreneurship in Poland went through relevant challenges, strictly connected with the historical phases and the various political and social movements that have led the country to recognizes the sector.

Nevertheless, although an increasing interest and support of Poland’s institutions constitutes an important input for social entrepreneurship in the country, “the idea of social enterprises is poorly spread among Polish citizens who often do not know what it deals with“.

Thanks to an exhaustive research based on the literature review on Social economy and Social entrepreneurship in Poland and the interviews with national experts, it was possible to retraced the main strengths and weaknesses of Polish social enterprises with, among others, an interesting focus on the interaction between civil society and the government:

“According to some experts, social entrepreneurship is developing due to the initiative of the state. On the other hand, the government treats it sometimes as an instrument of social policy and unfortunately forgets that it is crucial to maintain bottom-up activities and not permit to replace them by the top-down approach. The law on social cooperatives enabled local governments to create them for their own use and thus treat them as an instrument in their hand. Unfortunately, in such companies a real social participation does not take place”

Thus, the National Report also describes the main challenges that need to be addressed in order to sustain the participation of citizenship in developing social entrepreneurial activities, accordingly with the objectives of the project.

Social Enterprise, Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Poland: A National Report
Ryszard Praszkier, Agata Zabłocka-Bursa & Ewa JozwikUniversity of Warsaw

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