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Ashoka Fellow of the Month – Krzysztof Czyżewski


by aharasymko

A modified Proust questionnaire or just a few simple but brilliant questions

Ashoka: How would you describe your activity to a 7-year-old child?

I’m building bridges to neighbours, nature and the other person that one can pass being curious about the World, being empathetic towards the others or in love…

A: What quote sustains you?

The indifferent knowledge of the adults does no credit, and disgraceful is the consent practiced in cunning.

Honoured shall be protest against steadfast law and a revolver in the hand of youngsters, when forever they renounce participation. Czesław Miłosz The Return ( translation by Marcin Mutermilch)

A: Whom you would like to be if you weren’t the person you are?
Apothecary at monastery in the Himalayas.

A: What is your favourite literature character ?

Leo from “Journey to the East” by Hermann Hesse.

A: What superpower would you like to have?

The power of creating binder for everything which was cracked or separated.

On behalf of Ashoka, the interview has been conducted by Anna Broda

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