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Ashoka Fellow of the month – Małgorzata Chmieleska


by Martyna Rubinowska

A modified questionnaire of Proust, a few simple, yet brilliant questions

Ashoka: How would Sister describe her activity to a 6-year-old kid?

Małgorzata Chmielewska: Drawing the world colourfully. Where there is suffer and evil there we try to help people. Suffer and evil it’s the black colour, while happiness and hope –  there are different colours. They can be any of various colours. Somebody can be glad for their saved life and hospitality of the safe country as they used to live in the country covered by war. Somebody can be glad for having the possibility to get an education. Somebody – for getting some coal for house-heating. Someone hadn’t had shoes and got them.

A: What quote sustains Sister?

M.C.: From Gospel: „ Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”. God is Love, then every action, good action, increases the base of love worldwide. The world is getting better.

A: Whom  Sister would like to be if Sister wasn’t the person she is?

M.C.: Exactly who I am. If I wanted to be the other person I would definitely be.

A: What is the favourite Sister’s literature character?

M.C.: It’s hard to tell. There are lots of them. However my son— fostered, with mental disabilities —  watch cartoons non-stop. His favourite one, mine as well, is Robin Hood. I guess it’s like building the bridges between those, who are lucky and those, who are in need.

A: What superpower would Sister like to have?

M.C.: None. I find myself in that strange situation where I am the believer so I’ve got the superpower given by God. Of course, facetiously “superpower”. But He has got a superpower, so I’m trying to use it sometimes.

On behalf of Ashoka, the interview has been conducted by Anna Broda

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