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Why Apply

Benefits for certificated program

  • International recognition of a university (HEI) and its program.
  • Access to Ashoka’s networks (please refer to the global website to browse our networks)
    • Ashoka Fellows
    • Ashoka Support Network
    • AshokaU Changemaker Campuses
    • Ashoka Changemaker Schools
    • Business Partners
  • Continuous improvement of programs with active support from Ashoka’s Experts.
    Ashoka’s Experts continuously cooperate with the J2CC. The J2CC provides advice in improving the skills of the academic staff who are part of the certified program.
  • Launching the REAL changes into certificated program and HEI.
    The J2CC leads the program to real changes. This is a challenging process which allows the institution to raise real competitiveness.
  • Foundation for becoming a changemaker institution.
    The J2CC HEIs strengthen their educational program, a key component of building a social innovation ecosystem across campus. It is also one of the criteria for becoming a designated Changemaker Campus, a global network of the most advanced HEIs in changemaking.
  • Better employability of graduates.
    Ashoka provides access to its resources including the business and public administration partners network. Maintaing connection with organisations that align with the values and mission of the J2CC is a great opportunity for students to find a job which recognises and rewards their changemaking talents.
  • Being a member of a GLOBAL network of organizations changing the world.
    Access to other HEIs which want to build a global learning network offers unique opportunities for collaboration, providing unique opportunities in many fields such as research.