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The Team

Michaił Czerniak

Head of the Journey to Changemaker Certificate Program

Agata is an Ashoka Fellow since 2001. Now as a country director for Ashoka Poland she still works for the same goal – to make the world know more about the great Ashoka Fellows in order for everyone to feel they could become changemakers as well.

Agata Stafiej-Bartosik

Country Director Poland

Ross is directing Ashoka’s education strategy. Ross designed the Better World Program that equips young people to be well and do well. The first implementation of the program is with 500,000 children across Zimbabwe and Tanzani.

Ross Hall

LGM, Europe Youth Years

Tim is a Senior Lecturer in Social Innovation at the University of Northampton and AshokaU Change Leader. He is an internationally renowned academic with experience of teaching thousands of students social innovation in higher education

Tim Curtis

University of Northampton

Richard is Professor of Social Innovation,
Institute for Social Innovation and Impact at the University of Northampton. He specialises in social innovation within universities, social investment and social impact measurement.

Richard Hazenberg

Professor, University of Northampton

Raphaela served as a business consultant until she went on to assist in the creation of the Business School of the University of Vienna (WU Executive Academy). Since 2014 she has been with Ashoka, and has developed the Ashoka Visionary Program.

Raphaela Tončić-Sorinj

Head of Visionary Program

Martyna Rubinowska

Head of Venture & Fellowship