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Hungary 1995


Human Rights

Péter Orbán is providing new services to the disabled and providing a private, affordable alternative to state-run institutions that is a model for the new nonprofit sector in post-communist Hungary.


In Hungary, 3% of society lives with some kind of mental disability and another 10% have physical disabilities. Travelling presents a challenge for these people, because of financial problems and the lack of opportunities. The existing recreational programs are beyond their means because of the high costs involved.


Since the foundation of Swallows’ Palace, approximately 110.000 guests have enjoyed different services, a friendly environment at the same time gaining life enhancing experience. Almost 60% of the guests are disabled. For them, travel and recreational activities became available thanks to the Swallows’ Palace.


He created Swallows’ Palace, an institution based on community cooperation, where each person can participate to the extent of their strength and capability.  This sustainable community resort enables people with disabilities to receive the most inspiring and people friendly services as possible. The model is a unique one  it is based on thrift, cooperation and sustainability.


His goal is to build a collaborative network of barrierfree tourist regions based on the 20year experience of 
Swallow’s Palace. This would welcome disabled people for holidays in the Hungarianspeaking regions of the surrounding countries with barrierfree touristic programs.


Péter Orbán has faced the problem of disadvantaged people as a special education teacher. According to him, he saw a solution and he just wanted to try if it would work.

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