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Impact Academy – Third module is completed


by zsoltpethe

The 3rd workshop of the Impact Academy program was held at KPMG on last Friday. For this occasion the focus was on DATA COLLECTION, the theoretical background was provided by Gábor Héra (HOLO.). We first heard about the different concepts of data collection, like monitoring, evaluation, impact measurement, mentioning their similarities and differences. Getting to know better the secondary data sources was also an important part; we got closer to this topic with the help of Sylvia Graczka (Hungarian Central Statistical Office). Three data collection methods (questionnaire research, interview, focus group) have been discussed in more detail. Elisabeth Katalin Grabow (ALTALAP, Grabow-Kiss GMBH) contributed to the questionnaire survey by presenting her own specific example. The participants experimented interviewing with each other in pairs; the focus group was tested live in a real focus group room. We spent a rich and exciting day together putting some more fun on the the top at the end! 🍺😎🍺